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Oracle cards to help you dream,
Or laugh or love or dance.
Oracle cards to light your way
In life, work or romance.
Believe and see the secrets
Veiled and hidden from your eyes,
Let Annie Rose unlock your world -
Step in and embrace life…

Oracle Card Readings

We all have different questions to ask of the cards; different needs and wishes.

That’s why each new edition of Annie’s oracle card decks is designed with a new theme and emphasis.

Whilst they all work wonderfully as a standard oracle card deck, each set also has a specific purpose and, perhaps, type of person in mind so you can always find an oracle card deck to suit your needs.

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Reading Oracle Cards: Annie Rose’s Guide

Because of these slight differences in the oracle card decks, when it comes to oracle card readings there are slight variations from oracle card deck to oracle card deck. The basics, however, are always the same.

Here, Annie talks about reading oracle cards – or at least the way she reads oracle cards. This is purely guidance. How you read your oracle cards is down to you. But if you’re looking for advice or inspiration, read on…

1. Choices choices…

First things first: choose your oracle card deck. No one I know has just the one set. If you love oracle cards you’ll have many sets, and you’ll use each one slightly differently.

Many people have that one special oracle card set that is with them always, but each set of cards performs a different specific function and some are better suited to certain situations or specific questions than others.
Choose your oracle cards based on these considerations, and also on what feels right or fits your current mood.

2. Relax

There’s nothing worse than trying to perform oracle card readings in a busy or noisy environment. Try to get away from distractions. Reading oracle cards is an awful lot easier if you can find that outer, as well as inner, peace.

3. Blessings…

Open the oracle card pack and touch each card to put your own energy on it. Then fan the cards and put them to your heart to bless them. Ask for guidance and clarity for your reading.

4. Oracle card readings

You're ready to begin your oracle card readings. You can do this in a number of ways:

i) Shuffle the oracle cards and think about what you'd like to learn from your oracle card reading. When you've decided what you'd like to know pull one oracle card from the deck and use that card as your guidance for the day. You might want to carry the card with you, or keep it on display to inspire you.

ii) The second way to perform oracle card readings is to again shuffle the oracle cards thinking about the questions to which you want answers or guidance. When you are ready take three oracle cards. These represent your past, present and future. Read them in the order you pulled them from the pack.

For a deeper reading you can take 3 oracle cards to represent your past, 4 for the present and 5 oracle cards for your future. To make the oracle card reading spread the cards out in a pyramid shape in front of you, the 3 cards representing the past at the top of the pyramid, the 5 for your future at the bottom.

5. Interpretation

If you're new to reading oracle cards you may wish to have the guidance notes that come with the pack at the ready. They'll help you make interpreting your oracle cards simple.
If you've been reading oracle cards for any length of time, though, you'll immediately find the themes and meanings familiar.

You may prefer not to spend too long digesting my interpretation of each card. These are your oracle cards. You will give them your personal, individual energy so all your oracle card readings will always be similarly personal and individual.

Don't feel bound by my interpretation. Use your own intuition to decide what each oracle card means. You will certainly develop your own relationship with the cards the more you use them and even if you do use the card definitions to begin with, you may very quickly find yourself carrying out oracle card readings without any help from my notes.

If your interpretation differs a little from mine, don't worry. Go with what feels right. And what feels right will usually be your own interpretation!”

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