Annie Rose ORcale Cards

Oracle cards to help you dream,
Or laugh or love or dance.
Oracle cards to light your way
In life, work or romance.
Believe and see the secrets
Veiled and hidden from your eyes,
Let Annie Rose unlock your world -
Step in and embrace life…

A History of Oracle Cards by Annie Rose

Oracle Cards Have History Too.…

“It's a commonly held belief that oracle cards are a new invention and that they began with the resurgence of new-age thinking in the latter part of the 20th century. As a result any history of oracle cards tends to concern itself with tarot and then tag on a couple of sentences to the effect that ‘oracle cards arrived about five minutes ago'.

I don't feel this is fair to oracle cards or their devotees. It's also factually wrong. Whilst it's true that the history of oracle cards is not as rich and lengthy as its tarot counterpart, nor is it true to say that oracle cards are a recent phenomenon. Oracle card history starts with the tarot, but it branched off into its own particular brand of divination around 200 years ago – not long after the tarot itself started being used for divinatory purposes.”

Oracle Card History – Deepest Traditions

“The point at which oracle cards started to develop their own history, distinct from tarot cards, isn't precisely known. A gypsy heritage is often claimed for the oracle cards (or 'fortune-telling cards') but there is insufficient evidence to confirm this.

What is clear is that oracle cards were in use in 19th century France and no one did more to popularise them than Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand.”

Madame Lenormand’s Oracle Cards

“Marie Lenormand was a professional fortune-teller active in Paris for over 40 years. Born in Alençon in 1772 she rose to a position of fame and considerable influence amongst French nobility using a deck of oracle cards of her own devising.

Her cartomancy skills were put to use on Josephine de Beauharnais, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1807 Mdme Lenormand read Napoleon’s palm and divined that he was planning to divorce Josephine. Napoleon was so afraid his plan might become public that he imprisoned Mdme Lenormand until he’d completed the legalities.

It is said that Marie Lenormand predicted the rise and fall of Napoleon, and foresaw the fate of Robespierre, leading revolutionist and architect of the ‘Reign of Terror’. Whether she used oracle cards to divine all these events is unknown as she was an expert in numerous forms of divination.
What is certain, however, is that at least some of her predictions were formed using oracle cards and it was, perhaps, inevitable that, after her death, a new deck of oracle cards would carry her name. The Lenormand oracle cards became hugely popular throughout France where even today she is considered the greatest cartomancer of all time.
The oracle cards that bear her name also remain highly popular in Germany where their use rivals that of tarot cards in some regions.”

History of Oracle Cards continues...